Learn the methods of "compassion not compulsion" that bring understanding and cooperation to the relationship with your young, green or inexperienced horse. Re-school the horse who has been abused or "flooded" by starting over with this foundation of clear, consistent training.

Hi, I’m Katharine Chrisley-Schreiber

I have been schooling horses since 1973! From three wild 3 year olds who had never seen a human being, to horses I have raised from birth; from Mustangs to OTTB's to Warmbloods, Arabian stallions and Appaloosas and everything in between, I have been blessed to own, train, rescue and rehabilitate over 1,000 horses. I wrote about training for Dressage & CT magazine, The Chronicle of the Horse, Western Horseman and more. Here I have outlined the methodology that evolved from Listening to the horses.

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Schooling the Young Horse

ground work and under saddle