Here is a course with all the information you need to "see through the horse's eyes" and develope systems of care that meet his needs - as an Equine and as an individual.

Hi, I’m Katharine Chrisley-Schreiber

I've been taking care of horses for over 50 years and have developed a system that honors the horse as a dynamic, sentient, sensitive being deserving of compassion and trust. I manage an Herbal Stable Yard and Sanctuary for special needs horses. I competed in Dressage and Combined Training in my youth, taught students and trained horses to high levels and worked for some amazing equine Veterinarians. I've lived in Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Texas and Arizona and make my home now in New Mexico. I've studied with Masters of this Art and will continue learning my entire life. The horses themselves are my greatest teachers.

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Horse Husbandry

Systems of horse care and healing, considering the horse as the priority.