Learn the techniques and philosophy of jumping with a system of kindness that helps the horse gain balance and strength (instead of using him to get to the other side).

Riding over obstacles intelligently with softness.

Hi, I’m Katharine Chrisley Schreiber

I've been riding and training horses and riders for 50 years. I have ridden and judged Hunter/Jumpers; worked with young Thoroughbreds from the racetrack to re-school as Hunters in Florida; raised and trained my own horses to compete in Combined Training in New Mexico and Colorado and have come to the conclusion that it can be an enjoyable experience for the horse if we do so gently! I grew up in Virginia and West Virginia and schooled under some of the best horsewomen and men in the world.

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Gentle Jumping

Learn to be soft and easy with the horse.

Follow a system of gentle schooling.

Riding over fences must be safe and systematic.

This course gives you the system to help your horse enjoy obstacle schooling.

Learn how to prevent stress and maintain soundness.

Help your horse ease into obstacle work

Ask, Listen, Direct, Support

Begin at the beginning, return if the horse gets confused. Honor his needs.